Dog agility is a sport where a handler directs a dog through a course with a variety of obstacles. The handler can use voice and visual commands but can not use incentives or touch the dog to get the dog through the course. The handler and dog team are judged by how much time they use and how accurate they are in completeing the course.

It takes time and patience for a handler and dog to become a successful team. Agility requires trust between you and your dog, but through the process, you and your dog will develop a strong bond. Through agility, the communication between you and your dog will increase making you both happier.

In general, dogs like doing jobs and agility stimulates your dog by learining new commands, keeping their mind sharp. Additionally, agility promotes good health in both you and your dog as you both will have a workout running through the agility course. You will find great reward in the improvement you and your dog will achieve in all areas of your pet ownership.