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Agility Classes


Introduction to Agility

Introduction to Agility is an introduction of the dog and handler to the agility equipment including tunnels, jumps, A Frame, Dog Walk, and more over a 6 week period. This class is geared for the dog enthusiast who wants to find something different and fun to do with their dog as well as a release for some energy! The instructor will teach the handler how to assist the dog to complete the obstacles safely while having tons of fun too! Positive reinforcement techniques that include using treats and toys for rewards are strongly encouraged. This class is a great confidence builder for not so confident or timid dog. This class has proven to strengthen the existing bond between dog and handler. You will be amazed at what your dog can do!

Prerequisite: Highly recommended that dog and handler have solid basic obedience skills, recommend dogs be at least 1 year old.

Instructors: Sally Zinkhan, Sam Newcomer

When: Please see calendar


Intermediate Agility Classes

Intermediate Agility is for the graduates of the Introduction to Agility students. The Intermediate class will build on the foundation skills and equipment knowledge that was developed in the Introduction Class. We will increase and solidify the dog's confidence on the contact obstacles and introduce methods for "getting the contacts". We will be weaning the dogs over to 100% off leash for exercises and increasing the working distance between the dog and handler. The Dogs will be sequencing several obstacles together and the handlers will be taught basic handling techniques to use for communicating with the dog. Various methods for successful weave pole completion will be integrated weekly. Typically the dogs get faster and the challenges and fun increase!

Prerequisite: Dogs and handlers must have completed the Introduction to Agility class or be pre-approved by instructor

Instructors: Sally Zinkhan, Sam Newcomer

When: Please see calendar

Competition Level

Competition Level Classes

Competition Level Agility Classes are ongoing and customized to the level of competition of the dog and handler. The instructor designs courses with challenges the dog and handler will see at agility competitions. Time is spent on course analysis and handling strategies as well as discussions on rules and scoring. This class is for students that are new to competing or have experience.

Prerequisite: Dogs and handlers must have completed the Intermediate Agility class or be pre-approved by instructor

Instructors: Sally Zinkhan, Sam Newcomer

When: Please see calendar

Class Registration

To register for classes, please download the Class Agreement Form from here. You will also need to download the Release Form from here. All documents are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from here.


1. Does my dog need obedience training before doing agility?
Having good basic obedience skills as a handler is beneficial when starting agility training. Dogs should understand sit, stay and come commands with high reliability. We also offer manners training that will benefit you and your dog.

2. How long will it take for my dog to be good at agility?
The rate at which you and your pet progress depends on many factors. There is no hard and fast rule as this will vary on how well you and your dog become a team. The most important factor in success is learning the fundamental skills at the beginning.

3. How often should I practice?
The more you practice what you learn, the faster you will improve. You can practice and reinforce the skills you have learned without needing any agility equipment. Practicing odedience commands away from class is very beneficial and can provide a high level of comfort when doing agility.

4. My dog is very shy, is agility suitable for my dog?
Although it may take a little more time for your dog to gain confidence, agility is a great way to socialize a dog. Agility introduces a dog to new dogs, different noises and a new environment. You can progress at your own rate and repeat a class if necessary.

5. What should I use to reward my dog?
Food rewards work well. You can reward your dog repeatedly for the same behavior and the dog can learn the behavior and quickly form a habit. Once the dog knows the behavior well you can give the dog food rewards less frequently and use other rewards to reinforce the behavior.

6. Are some dogs easier to train than others?
Dogs that have a calm, dependent, and willing to please personality are the easiest kinds to train. These dogs have a follower personality and are happy to oblige. Dogs that are independent and do not respond to verbal praise have to be trained more methodically with things that they find motivating.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Want to sharpen up on certain skills? Have a trial coming up? Are you and your dog "stuck"?

Weaves, contacts, serpentines, front crosses, rear crosses, blind crosses, etc. A private lesson with undivided attention will catapult you and your dog's skills forward and give you something to take home and practice.

Working with a new dog or puppy? Learn key foundation skills that will make the real thing effortless. Is something that used to be perfect now broken? Let's work together and fix it.

Private Lessons are typically held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning, but please contact us for additional available times.

Location Information

Branchwater Farms

Foxhound Heights

15202 Carroll Rd. Monkton, MD 21111

Classes are held on this beautiful horse farm all year round. The indoor training building is approximately 45' x 30'. Central heating and cooling will be installed in the near future. The flooring is interlocking dog friendly tiles. A lounge/kitchen area for staging before classes is attached to the training building and is outfitted with a refrigerator and Keurig. No more waiting for classes to end while standing out in the elements. The outdoor ring is 100' x 100' and is located close to the training building. The area has been recently graded and seeded and is fully fenced and wired for safety. With the exception of snow, classes can be held comfortably in most weather conditions. Check the calendar for upcoming classes and events. Click here for Foxhound Heights Facebook Page