Sally promised us that if we wrote this testimonial, and she is besieged with new clients, we get first crack at boarding and classes!

We first contacted Sally when our springer spaniel Grace was just a puppy and a real handful. Sally came to the house to meet Grace and right off the bat, said - this dog needs to learn to play and needs a job to do!

Sally gave us several games and exercises to try and was full of helpful training tips.  She was absolutely correct - once Grace had lots of play and activities, she really started to shape up.Sally suggested we try some agility classes.  She started us in a basic class at her house - Grace was OK with the various pieces of apparatus but was WAY more interested in the other dogs and just generally running and playing.

After several weeks of Sally's guidance, Grace has turned out to be really good at agility and loves it.  She even won an unofficial blue ribbon!   It not only gives her something to do and gives her plenty of exercise; it's really helped us with discipline and training.

Grace also stays at Sally's when we are away.  Believe me - all we have to do is say Sally's name and her ears perk up and she runs to the door.  When we pick her up to come home, she cries.  Not too great on our egos, but we never worry a second when Grace stays at Camp Sally.  Grace just loves the other dogs, the playtime and the baby pool!

Chris and Glen Thomas