I contacted Sally to help me train my Goldendoodle rescue; Dillon.  I did a bad
job of training my previous Lab mix, and suffered the consequences his entire
life with bad behavior and running away.  I was determined not to go through
that again. I told Sally I wanted a dog that I could take anywhere and that
knew how to behave in all situations.

We started with private obedience training and an incredibly comprehensive
list of things I needed to do to achieve my goals.  Dillon is a very high energy
dog.  Sally quickly identified that he would only respond successfully to
training after exercise.  Swimming, bike riding and hiking were and still are a
part of our daily regime.  Sally worked on training while Dillon stayed/stays at
her home as a guest dog.  Dillon and I participate in Agility training and while
we will never compete, the benefits to his behavior have been incredible.  
Sally made sure I understood that training is an ongoing adventure and
helped me integrate training opportunities into my daily routine.

Sally helped me achieve my goal.  Dillon is a pleasure, an easily managed
companion and a very happy, healthy and well adjusted canine buddy.  I
continually receive complements on his behavior. Our success is all because
of Sally.  Her expertise and insights in all aspects of dog training and behavior
is outstanding.  And…she is a wonderful person, fun to work with, and a
dedicated partner in making your dog all that you want it to be!

Susan Hlavin