We never knew how different herding dogs were from "regular dogs".   Having had numerous dogs over the years, four years ago we decided we couldn't live without an Australian Shepherd.   Bella was always sweet with a great temperament- but was independent, dominant, and smart.   After two early training classes and two years of frustration we were almost ready to return her to the breeder.

I contacted Sally and explained our frustration with Bella's independent behavior.   She immediately got Bella into a beginning agility class and the rest is history.   Sally helped us learn to work with our herding dog and channel her energy in a positive way.   Now Bella is an absolute joy.   Her behavior and ability to concentrate and follow commands is wonderful.   Sally trains the handler as well as the dog.

Sam Jackson is a wonderful addition to the Home Grown Dog Sports team.   Both trainers are patient and supportive and work well with people of all ages.   We have been working with Sally, and now Sam, for two years and strongly recommend them to anyone seeking to create a close working relationship with their dog.

Terri Bonsall